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Winter weather will soon arrive in Glendale, AZ, and the surrounding areas. That means you’ll be reaching for your thermostat to get your home warm and comfortable. When you have a gas furnace, there’s a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide gas can be detected with a wall-mounted detector in your house. Consider these reasons why constant carbon monoxide testing is important for your family’s health and safety.

Identify Low Levels of Carbon Monoxide

Even low levels of carbon monoxide can make you sick. You might just think that you’re coming down with the flu or a cold. However, vulnerable members of your household could become severely ill at a low exposure level. Babies, the elderly, and people with heart or lung disease are at an especially high risk of serious impacts to a low level of carbon monoxide.

Provide Time to Evacuate

If there’s a sudden surge in the level of carbon monoxide gas in your home, the detector gives you time to evacuate before you’re too weak or confused to leave the premises. A sudden, severe malfunction of your gas furnace could result in a rapid increase in carbon monoxide gas, and you might only have a few minutes to get out of your residence. That’s why you need a hardwired and battery backup carbon monoxide detector on the lowest level of your house and near each bedroom.

Prevent a Tragedy in Your Household

A furnace malfunction at night could cause everyone in your residence to lose consciousness. Using a carbon monoxide detector could prevent a tragedy in your household. Make sure the alarm is loud enough to wake you from a deep sleep.

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