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Geothermal Heating Systems Offer Many Advantages to Traditional HVAC Systems

Roughly nine in 10 American homes have indoor heating and cooling systems. It’s difficult to imagine living without them. Whether your home uses radiators, space heaters or a central heating system, geothermal heating systems are superior to these outdated heating sources in many ways. Here are some of the leading benefits offered by geothermal heating systems.

They Don’t Cost as Much to Operate

A substantial portion of your electricity bill goes to heating and cooling. Nearly half of the average American’s utility expenditures are spent to fuel their HVAC systems. Although modern HVAC units and smart thermostats have reduced Americans’ energy consumption, geothermal heating systems are much cheaper to operate than their traditional competitors. You could save more than 50% on both your heating and cooling costs.

Geothermal Heating Systems Are Safer

Traditional HVAC systems emit carbon monoxide. Although their carbon monoxide emissions are relatively low, this gas can concentrate in your home, potentially causing serious health issues or death.

Heaters that use natural gas, coal and other combustible fuels are also prone to emitting potentially harmful gases. Natural gas lines can leak, potentially causing a fire hazard.

Geothermal heating systems don’t emit carbon monoxide, a silent, odorless, invisible and tasteless culprit responsible for killing hundreds of Americans every year. Since they also don’t use combustible fuel sources, they don’t pose the risk of house fires.

They’re Better for the Environment

When burned, fossil fuels like coal, diesel and natural gas emit greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. These gases accelerate global warming and lead to other climate issues. Geothermal heating systems don’t impact the environment like traditional HVAC systems do.

They Offer Lengthy Warranties

Manufacturers and installers of geothermal heating systems know that these heating sources last significantly longer than traditional HVAC systems. To attract customers, they offer lengthy warranties on geothermal heat pumps, other components and entire geothermal heating systems. A 25-year and 50-year warranty are common in this sector of the HVAC industry.

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